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We are a consulting firm that helps clients easily obtain Vanuatu citizenship by investment.

Our team is partnered with Vanuatu’s fully accredited Master Agent, and is Vanuatu’s most experienced and well-established Vanuatu Immigration firm, founded in 2004. We are an authorized and Certified Partner of the Master Agent, which has developed Vanuatu’s Development Support Program (DSP) in tandem with the Vanuatu Government starting in 2012 and actualizing fully in 2017. We deliver experienced and professional citizenship services for our clients globally who are interested in obtaining Vanuatu citizenship by investment.

Our team is comprised of Vanuatu and Australian citizens who reside in Vanuatu and Australia. We provide expert-level advisory and residency services while also specializing in areas that include blockchain technology, government policy advisory, alternative energy solutions, and regenerative agriculture, among other areas.

We focus on providing a bespoke service to our clients that includes additional services, that assist with integrating into a life in Vanuatu, whether you call it your forever home, treat it as a place of business, or desire to keep it as a Plan B.

100% Success Rate

We achieve a 100% success rate due to conducting a preliminary Due Diligence check for all of our clients.

This eliminates any risk of failing to obtain citizenship in Vanuatu. If we identify any potential issues within a client’s background that may cause their application to be rejected, we provide an alternative solution that ensures application approval by the Vanuatu Government, or we decline to proceed with the application after providing an explanation to the client.

Official Designated Agents & Certified Partners of the Vanuatu Government

We are partnered with the official Vanuatu Government Master agent, which means our clients do not pay additional processing fees. It also means you have the advantage of a faster processing time as we ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of your application to the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission offices.

As a master agent partner, our fast-tracked citizenship process will take as little as 30 days from receiving initial documents.

Certified PartnerLetter of CertificationGovernment Certified

Paul Lenda


Director of Blue Sky Citizenship

I am a dual citizen of the US and Vanuatu and a full-time resident of Vanuatu. I have a degree in Finance and leverage my extensive business and finance background to help clients receive permanent residency in Vanuatu, as well as support the Republic of Vanuatu via Pacific Advisory with digital transformation, regenerative systems integration, and societal improvement.

Why Choose Us

Work with trusted agents and advisors in Vanuatu

  1. We are a Certified Partner of the Official Designated Agent of the Government of Vanuatu.
  2. Our government-approved Master Agent developed the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program with the government in 2012.
  3. We are local with our head office in Port Vila and satellite office in Luganville.
  4. We practice secure data management that leverages elliptic curve cryptography, SSL encryption, algorithms and machine learning to secure private data.
  5. We are Vanuatu citizenship by investment experts based locally within Vanuatu.
  6. We have a 100% success rate.

We provide a bespoke service that include:

  1. Setting up a residential address
  2. Setting up utilities account
  3. Helping obtain local birth certificates
  4. Helping obtain other forms of ID
  5. Guidance for company formation
  6. Guidance for employment
  7. Strategic planning consultation

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